2018 General Election: Good turn out at Bocalevu polling venue

Voters from Qelewaqa who came in the afternoon to vote at the Bocalevu polling venue. Picture: VISHAAL KUMAR

SOME residents from Qelewaqa, Bocalevu, Tabucola and nearby areas visited their polling station late this afternoon to vote at Bocalevu Muslim Primary School in Labasa.

Voters, particularly from Qelewaqa, had to wait until the weather cleared because they feared flooding of the connecting Qelewaqa bridge.

The school is beingĀ used as a polling venue with two polling stations that were opened for voters to cast their ballot.

Station One had 489 registered voters and as of 4.30pm, 411 voters had already voted.

In the second station, 355 voters had already voted from the 488 registered voters.

The voting process at the venue closed at 6pm this afternoon.

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