2018 General Election: First time voter hopes to make a change

First time voter Elenoa Takayawa Vula with her voter identification card at Tamavua Primary School today. Picture: ARIETA VAKASUKAWAQA

THE fear of having to pay back Government after completing tertiary studies through the TELS programme was something that has stopped Elenoa Takayawa Vula from pursuing her dream to become a nurse.

But the 20-year-old says she saw the 2018 general elections as an opportunity to choose a Government whom she hoped would consider introducing other initiatives to assist children from low income earning families.

The first time voter from Vatoa village in Lau was among hundreds of people that turned up to cast their votes at Tamavua Primary School in Khalsa Road today.

“I’ve passed my form sevens last year with the hope to pursue a degree in nursing but every time when I think about the TELS programme I am always scared thinking of paying back Government after completing studies.

“I hope that I will be able to make a change through that vote. I really want to pursue my studies but my father is just a retired church minister so he can’t afford to pay and I am really happy to be given the opportunity to vote today,” Vula said.

She said the next Government should think of children’s future when offering programmes such as TELS.

For over a year now the youngest of six siblings had stayed home with no other way to find assistance to help support her dream.

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