2018 General Election: Election results paused

Supervisor of Elections Mohammed Saneem adresses the media during the press conference at the National Counting Centre yesterday. Picture: JONA KONATACI

THE releasing of results to the Fijian Elections Office (FEO) app has been paused to give political parties a chance to obtain the same information as FEO.

This was confirmed by the Supervisor of Elections Mohammed Saneem who said they will not be loading anymore results onto the result management system.

Mr Saneem sad they have been informed by political parties that they wish them to stop entering results of all polling stations as FEO have been doing and updating every six hours as they would like to receive all the protocols of results and the system entry record and verify it and catch up to FEO.

“We will pause and provide the political parties that have got agents present here with the records from the results management system as well as the protocols of results and we will reconcile to make sure that everybody in the results centre has the same amount of data including the data on the app,” he said.

Mr Saneem said they most probably continue from midnight tonight with the results that has to be entered from the election.

He said they are writing to the political parties to alert them that they are carrying out this exercise so that everybody is with the same amount of information before they proceed with the data entry.


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