2018 General Election: Concerns raised over poll results

Political party leaders SODELPA Sitiveni rabuka (left),NFP,Biman Prasad,Fiji Labor Party,Mahendra Chaudhary and Unity Party leader Savenaca Narube during a joint press conference by party leaders at SODELPA HQ yesterday. Picture: RAMA

LEADERS of four opposition political parties have raised their concerns, claiming there was a mismatch between the Protocol of Results and the results being released by the Fijian Elections Office app.

Leader of the Social Democratic Liberal Party Sitiveni Rabuka, National Federation Party’s Professor Biman Prasad, Fiji Labour Party’s Mahendra Chaudhry and Unity Fiji party’s Savenaca Narube were at the SODELPA headquarters in Suva yesterday raising their concerns on the release of the results from the National Counting Centre.

Mr Chaudhry claimed the Protocol of Results does not reflect what was on the FEO app. “Unless we go back and have a physical verification on what has been posted on the FEO app, the question remains that the elections can’t be called credible,” Mr Chaudhry claimed.

Supervisor of Elections Mohammed Saneem said once the FEO official results would be made public in the next three days, these leaders, he insisted, would then release another “false” record of the results claiming that the FEO’s records were incorrect.

“Now you have seen the records by the party, most probably with the same database they are running around with original records that we hold from the same count centre,” he said.

“The pink slip that we put up on the blue boards at the national count centre all are accurately reflected in the FEO app.”

Mr Saneem has urged the parties “not to play around with the election”.

“It is very important that you say the truth, be honest,” he insisted. “We have evidence properly justified, signed by agents and staff. Nothing is being hidden.”

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