2018 General Election: Concern on welfare of future generation

Youths at a national conference held in Suva. Picture: FT FILE

WAYA Levu headman Joseva Naqarakoso says villagers appreciate the development made by every Government that is in power but they remained concerned about the welfare of their future generations.

The Yasawa villager said it was the responsibility of any government to develop the country, irrespective of who they are. He said villagers have been urged to make wise decision for their children.

“We want the next government to protect our rights and God-given resources,” he said.

“We don’t want to vote for a government that just gives us money because we don’t want our children to blame us for the decision we make today.

“We also want development but we believe development is the responsibility of all elected government.” “We are hopeful that our votes today (Thursday) will benefit our children.”

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