2018 General Election: Cagituevei aware of her civic contribution; Notes shipping issue in Cikobia

CIKOBIA villager Melaia Cagituevei believes that when she cast her vote at the Nalele Village hall yesterday, she knew she was contributing to the democratic process of choosing a new government to lead the country for the next four years.

“For me personally, I was proud to cast my vote because it was an opportunity to choose the next government that we hope will bring development to our island,” the Nalele villager said.

She said she hoped the next government would seriously address shipping issues, which was their main problem that had persisted over the years in Cikobia, located in the northern tip of Vanua Levu.

For instance, Ms Cagituevei said their commodities to be transported and sold at the Labasa market were now rotting as they waited for the government franchise shipping vessel that last visited the islands two months ago.

“We the people of Cikobia would be very happy if the next government could address our plight regarding transportation,” she said.

There were two pre-polling venues on Cikobia Island – Nalele Village hall and Nautovatu Village hall; and it catered for registered voters from the four villages, including Vuninuku and Vatulele.

Pre-polling ended on the maritime venues yesterday.

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