2018 General Election: 600-plus votes cast at All Saints polling venue by 1pm

Some voters at the polling venue at All Saints Secondary School in Labasa on Wednesday, November 14, 2018. Picture: VISHAAL KUMAR

A TOTAL of five polling stations were erected at the All Saints Secondary School venue for voters in surrounding areas.

The school was used as a polling venue and catered for residents living in Cawaira, Vunivau, Natoakamu, Vunivaivai, Cemetery Road and nearby areas.

For station one, 414  were registered to voter there, with 200 people already voted as of 1pm today.

Polling station two has 309 registered voters with 191 people already cast their votes.

The third station has a total of 540 registered voters with more than 200 people already voted.

Station four has 414 registered voters with 201 votes cast by 1pm.

Polling station five has a total of 413 registered voters, and 222 had cast their votes by the same time.

The polling venue will close at 6pm later today.

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