2018 election: ‘Ethnicity will remain an important variable’

Professor in Governance and Development Studies,Vijay Naidu speaks to The Fiji Times in an earlier interview. Picture: ATU RASEA/FILE

ETHNICITY will remain an important variable in voters’ choices in the 2018 General Election, says University of the South Pacific academic in Governance and Developmental Studies Professor Vijay Naidu.

He said using the 2007 Census figures, it could be said that the iTaukei probably accounted for a good 62 per cent, while Fijians of Indian descent accounted for 32 per cent and the smaller minorities accounted for 6 per cent of the Fijian population.

“There may not be a direct correlation of this proportional ethnic distribution of Fiji’s population in terms of registered voters, but it provides a reasonable indicator of the overall percentages of voters by ethnicity,” he said.

No data on ethnicity was released by the Fiji Bureau of Statistics in its 2017 Fiji Population and Housing Census.

Attorney-General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum informed Parliament in March this year that there had been no aggregation of data based on ethnicity under the 2017 census.

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