2018 Election 2018 – Top five issues

FijiFirst leader — Voreqe Bainimarama. Picture: FILE

THE Fiji Times asked all registered political parties contesting the 2018 General Election to list the top five issues they will base their election campaign on.  Detailed below are the positions that they will take:

FijiFirst leader Voreqe Bainimarama

“Just like in 2014, we will just campaign like the other political parties and how they are preparing for it, so we are looking forward to the elections.” The FijiFirst party leader hung up his phone when questioned on the five major issues his party would highlight as part of its

National Federation Party leader — Professor Biman Prasad

• High cost of living
• $5 minimum wage rate
• VAT removal from 15 basic food items
• Implement a minimum guaranteed price of $100 per tonne of cane for canegrowers
• Implement a new TELS policy by tertiary tuition free in the first year for degree students

Freedom Alliance Party leader — Jagath Karunaratne

• Formation of a holding company – People’s Holdings Ltd (PHL)
• All investments under crown/native land to be structured under PHL
• All existing leases to be renegotiated on equitable participation
• Discourage leasing, encourage partnerships
• All administrative fees of TLTB to be subsidised for every LOU that forms a company and leases the land to their own company

Unity Fiji leader — Savenaca Narube

• Build a nation not through fear but unity and promote ethnic tolerance
• Give people the freedom to speak without fear and not suppress them
• Bring every race together while embracing identities and culture
• If elected in Government, it will listen to the people and initiate a national program of building, understanding each other’s race in Fiji.
• Give people the freedom to talk about ethnic fears

Fiji Labour Party parliamentary leader — Aman Ravindra-Singh

• Poor state of medical services and medical facilities in the country
• High food prices, high infl ation rate and poverty
• Lack of decent and affordable housing and high numbers of squatters around Fiji
• High rate of unemployment, high levels of crime, low wages, better conditions and wages for workers and labourers
• Respect for the rule of law, human rights and democracy and justice

*SODELPA and HOPE party did not respond to the question when this edition went to press

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