2018/19 Budget: President’s office allocated $3.3m

A TOTAL of $200,000 has been allocated to the Office of the President for the logistical arrangements for service medal and the Fiji College of Honour special ceremonies.

The special ceremonies are hosted by the President in recognition of significant contributions made by an individual to the nation.

Another $150,000 was allocated for ceremonial and hospitality expenses, and this includes ceremonies hosted by the President like the opening of Parliament, presentation of credentials and celebrations for Fiji Day, Constitution Day and Commonwealth Day.

For State visits, the President’s Office received an allocation of $600,000 – this is to foot the bill for overseas travel.

The Office of the President received a total of $3.3million in the 2018/2019 National Budget, with $3.1m for operating expenditure and VAT of $200,000.

Another $5.1m was allocated for capital expenditure under Head 50.

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