2018/19 Budget: Hope for increased levy on plastic bags


A PROFESSOR from the University of the South Pacific says he hopes there will be more levy placed on the use of plastic bags.
Professor Sushil Kumar Kumar, who is based at the School of Engineering and Physics, attended the Environmental Scientist Network for Asia Pacific Islands last year in Okinawa, Japan where he witnessed how plastic impacted the environment.
He said there should be a levy increase or total ban on the use of plastic bags.
“I would recommend that a heavy levy should be placed on plastic bags, either they increase the levy or we completely stop it,” Prof Kumar said.
“There are other countries where the cost of the plastic bags are high or have been completely stopped.”
He added there should also be a reduction on carbon emissions, especially with diesel engine vehicles.
“We should reduce the carbon emissions. It is the diesel engine vehicles which are producing a lot of carbon emissions,” he said
“The diesel cars are increasing on the roads and that is damaging the environment as well as affecting the health of people.”
The Ministry of Environment’s National Budget for 2017/2018 was $7.3million, $4.2million for operating expenditure, $2.7million for capital expenditure and VAT of $0.4million.

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