2017-2018 Budget: Call to audit grants to institutions

Update: 4:19PM TAXPAYERS’ money allocated to tertiary institutions in the country require accountability and transparency

And as such, Government auditors from the Office of the Auditor General should
be allowed to audit how the grants are used in those institutions.

In the 2017-2018 budget, $56.1million was allocated to the Fiji National
University, $30.1m to the University of the South Pacific and $3.4m to the
University of Fiji.

Opposition MP Aseri Radrodro said “the double standards occurring in these
tertiary institutions are questionable, it is like a cartel for some”.

“One University of the South Pacific Director and Head of School or with
so many roles,had recently got USP staff to pay for rental increase, despite
the rental freeze by Government. If the argument is that, it is a regional
institution so the Fiji law does not apply to them, this cannot be
allowed,” the Shadow Minister for Economy told Parliament.

“Fiji is the host country and the laws of this country are applicable to
those who work here, unless they are on diplomatic immunity.”

Mr Radrodro said a SODELPA government would never allow such practices to thrive.

“We will conduct a performance audit in these institutions to ensure
optimal value for money and fairness for our children’s education and the staff
welfare,” he said.

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