$20,000 for Chanel Home of Compassion

Chanel Home of Compassion Manager Sister Emi Frances(standing in the middle- black/purple top) receives a Charity cheque payout of $20,000 from the Fiji Public Trustee Directors and Management on behalf of the Estate of Joyce Heeraman.

THE Chanel Home of Compassion in Suva received a $20,000 cheque yesterday on behalf of its late resident Joyce Heeraman.

Facilitated by Fiji Public Trustee Corporation (Pte) Limited (FPTCL) who was acting on behalf of the estate of Mrs Heeraman the company’s chief executive officer Atonio Takala lauded the late resident’s foresight.

Mr Takala said Ms Heeraman also assisted Viti Spinal Injuries Association, Fiji Red Cross, WOWS Kids, and the Fiji Cancer Society.

“At FPTCL we carry out estates administration and when our clients appoint us as executors or administrators, we ensure that it is done to be the best of our ability,” he said.

“Our primary role is to ensure that we carry out the final wishes of our clients in their Will.


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