200 plus hope to fly

ESTHER Baleinuku was one of about 200 hopefuls who showed up at the Qatar Airways recruitment drive in Suva yesterday.

The 21-year old-stood in line from 7.30am and was interviewed by the airline’s agents two hours later.

“A lot of young people showed up, it’s really encouraging to see these many interests but I do hope for my sake that I will be one of those chosen in this recruitment drive,” the hotel worker said.

“I’ve worked in the hotel industry for three years and I know that this opportunity is similar to what I already do, the only difference is that it’s like a flying restaurant.”

Ms Baleinuku said the agents only asked for a CV, passport photo, recruits to be above the age of 21 and be more than 212cm tall.

“I want to travel, and I also want to help support my family if I get this opportunity to join Qatar Airways.”

One of the two agents from Qatar Airways confirmed that yesterday was the first of two days of recruitment.

She said that while they did not have a set number of young people to recruit, they were encouraged by the number of people that turned up yesterday.

The agent said they would do a one on one interview with shortlisted applicants today before a final decision is made.

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