2 ponds for 300 villagers

NAISISILI Village in Nacula, Yasawa is one of the worst affected by the current dry spell affecting the Western Division, says district spokesman Saimoni Naivalu.

He said about 300 villagers were heavily dependent on two ponds near the village.

“Once they dry up, the villagers will have to drink seawater,” he said.

“And they can’t store rainwater because there has been little to no rain. “Out of all of the villages in Nacula, Naisisili is the worst affected.

“The two water sources will dry up if they don’t get assistance.”

He said the dry spell had affected life on the island group.

“We have wells, rivers and small streams that have already dried up. Our plantations are affected as well because we have a lot of dead vegetation because of the lack of rainwater.”

He said other villages within the district had been supplemented by water tanks, dams and rivers.

He added that government stations had their water sources replenished over the past week.

“We have several schools, a police post and a health centre that had their water tanks refilled.

“I think now it’s time to concentrate on the villages because they need water.”