Lost tribe

Gloria Mudaliar (left), Josiah Mudaliar and Hannah Dass of the Koronivia Christian Fellowship church bolw the 'shofar' horn during the 'March of the Nations' to mark Israel's 70th anniversary in Suva. Picture: ELIKI NUKUTABU

FIJI is not the lost tribe but the “founded tribe” who found Israel and the two countries found each other. These were the words of the Israeli embassy adviser to the Pacific, Yaron Sultan Dadon, while speaking at the 70th anniversary of Israel’s declaration of independence at Ratu Sukuna Park in Suva on Friday.

Such a powerful message coming from the man who declared in his speech he’s from the tribe of Judah, which in Biblical context, is one of the 12 tribes of Israel.

In an interview with this newspaper, Mr Dadon said his message, which drew a huge applause from the hundreds of people who were part of the celebration, was relayed to him from Israel to be made known to the people of Fiji.

“It was a small message coming from Israel to the people here, this is the message relayed from Israel to be relayed in Fiji. I am a representative of Israel and in this case, I am talking on behalf of my government, thanking the people — really appreciating the long standing relationship that Fiji has with Israel.”

Mr Dadon said despite what had happened in the past, Israel would continue to stand with Fiji, adding that as Israel had done in the past, it would continue to assist Fiji in health, education, agriculture and security sectors including other areas if need be.

“For the Israeli Government, these are very challenging times ahead, Israel only has a few supporters worldwide, We are facing hatred in all levels from the UN and the other organisations.

“We are facing neighbours around us, so on the government side, this is a message that is well taken by Israel, to state, we are here with you just like how the people of Fiji are standing with Israel,” Mr Dadon said.

When asked how sure he was that Fiji was one of the lost tribes, he said: “For me, there are always a lot of beliefs for the lost tribe stories, we do not need to go back into history to look for all traces of the lost tribe to find them. “You know, if you stand on that stage today (Friday), look into the eyes of the people, it’s not really important if you are the lost tribe, you (Fiji) are now one part of Israel. “Very clearly you see this is part of you. I tried to at least make that message very clear. For me, on a personal note, this is my family, you are my brothers and sisters.”

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