Letters to the Editor – May 7

2018 Business Woman of the Year winner Kim Beddoes (fifth from left) with other winners of the Women in Business awards. Picture: JOVESA NAISUA

WIB award winners

Hats off to the organisers of the Women in Business 2018 Annual Business Awards for giving our successful women entrepreneurs and those in the workforce an opportunity to be rewarded for their hard work, dedication and success! Success doesn’t come easy and this was evident from the stories that I read about the award recipients who reaped the fruits of their labour and commitment. The awards extravaganza was marked by a “sea of black” in aid of the “Time’s Up” initiative mounted against sexism, sexual misconduct and gender inequality at workplace. My heartiest congratulations to Kim Beddoes, Leilani Burness, Raijeli Taga, Karen Lobendahn, Keshvi Sukul and Lorraine Seeto for standing tall on the podium and walking away with the awards! You have done yourselves and your families proud with this achievement. The endless effort and hard yards put at work have been rewarded. The sky’s the limit so set your aspirations and goals higher! Congratulations once again for the early Mother’s Day gift which was celebrated by many Christians around Fiji yesterday!


Carbon emissions

Watching the reality of ever increasing amount of vehicles, one wonders what has been done to minimise their contribution to carbon emissions and more protection of our environment. Surely importing a lot of Toyota hybrid cars is not enough and the worst air polluters are the diesel engines anyway. On a daily basis you will see countless cars along our roads with running engines but not going anywhere. They are simply parked with running engines so the aircon can keep the car nicely cooled when one returns from shopping and often passengers are waiting in the nicely cooled car as well. The hope that at least all drivers of government vehicles would turn off their engines while parked is in vain. I believe not even the disciplined government forces know how to behave in that regards, despite standing orders. Another big concern are the public buses at the bus stands running their heavy smoking diesel engines without any concern. Where are those enforcement officers — parked up somewhere with running engines in nicely cooled cars?


International Midwives Day

Given the vital role that midwives play in bringing future members of our society into the world, do you think midwives will have extended autonomy with their practice in the future within the healthcare arena and if not why not? May 5, nurses celebrated International Midwives Day, a special day which since 1991 has been set aside to give a particular ‘focus’ on all the wonderful midwives and the work they tirelessly do every day. The international event is to commemorate and increase the awareness about the contribution of the midwives towards the patients all over the world. I believe as there is critical shortage of the skilled and energetic midwives on a global basis, it is very necessary to fulfill the needs of health systems. Shortage of skilled midwives is faced by all the countries because of many reasons such as insufficient training facility, poor workforce planning and management, low quality education system, no precaution measures for the midwives from HIV/AIDS, and many more. Midwifery services are encouraged by enhancing quality training, implementing innovative technologies, enabling required environment for the midwives to play vital roles in the particular community, society and thus in developing countries. These could help to be prevented with more funding and awareness of the important job midwives do every day! Wishing all the midwives of this nation well for their perseverance and hard work. Hats off!


Fiji ambassador

In my books, Fiji’s best ambassador serving abroad is not a man but a woman. On February 25, 2018, her picture appeared in the dailies with our Prime Minister after she received her diplomatic appointment at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs office, to serve as Fiji’s ambassador-designate to Indonesia. Last week when diehard Fiji 7s fans were glued to their TV screens watching and cheering our Fiji Airways Fiji 7s team during the Singapore 7, Fiji’s ambassador to Indonesia was in the stands at Singapore, in the middle of cheering Fiji 7s fans who were wearing our traditional wear and their blue and white. Maria Tavaga from Ba wrote on “Sevens spectators” during the Singapore Sevens (FS 04/05) but she missed out on one important spectator and diehard Fiji 7s fan in the middle of the Fijian supporters. For those who don’t know, she is Seleima Veisamasama (nee Kalouniviti), Fiji’s ambassador-designate to Indonesia. As a Fiji ambassador serving overseas, I hope and pray that all other Fiji representatives serving overseas would learn from her down to earth and humble character, mixing with the people especially fellow Fijians and making them feel as if they are at home in Fiji.


Tarsealed road

It was mentioned in FT 06/05/18 that roads to religious institutions are to be tarsealed. While I sincerely applaud this, I make a renewed plea to assist in tarsealing the Tuvu Hillside road leading to The Owls Perch where more than 20 families reside. Recently an ambulance refused to enter because of its condition. Is this possible?

NIGEL FIU, Lautoka

Matter of disquiet

The complaint of mistreatment by their overseas employer by two Fijian women (FT 6/5) is a matter of disquiet. The allegations may be true, but I believe it is for the Ministry of Labour to look at the allegation of harshness.

AMENATAVE YACONISAU, Palm Drive, Delainavesi

Native language

Sa dina sara. Couldn’t agree more with Dan Urai’s letter (FT 5/5) about bridging the divide and people feeling at home in Fiji when they speak the “native” language of our indigenous family.

COLIN DEOKI, Australia

Air pollution

Air pollution seems to continue adding to the disastrous effects on climate. Lets all put our heads together to find a solution to this continuing problem once and for all. Let’s go green.

TAHIR ALI, Hamilton, New Zealand

Embracing truth

I love the slogan, “Embrace the truth and hate lies,” because that is fundamental in every society. This principle should be practised in both the public and private domains. I believe every citizen including government leaders, religious leaders, community and family leaders should put it into practice. My wife asked me, how can that be done? I replied, by being accountable and transparent! I believe to be accountable and transparent to your fellowmen is the first step to embracing truth. That is honesty at its best. I believe truth is something that is given and not only received. Embrace the truth Fiji.

MESAKE SIVOINAVATU, Pago Pago, American Samoa

Loved one

Headed to the Department of “Births, Deaths and Marriages”, armed with all the required and relevant documentation supplied by the hospital, declaring the death of a loved one. This included the Cremation Certificate to register the loved one as deceased. This, however, could not be achieved because the mentioned department had not received information from the hospital that our loved one was deceased. Since this department is the legal entity, it’s safe to say that our loved one isn’t legally deceased. Allen, Reddy don’t be surprised if you get a visit.

NIGEL FIU, Lautoka

RKS soars higher

First it was the Fiji Secondary Schools Rugby League under-19 victory against Lelean 20-4. Then the boys from Lodoni ended a 21-year-old drought to take home the boys Fiji Finals title with 12 gold, 7 silver and 8 bronze medals. Finally, our young brigade from Delainaikaikai completed a treble with a wonderful victory at the Sanix World Rugby Youth Invitational Tournament which is the pinnacle for schoolboys rugby. RKS’s best finish was in 2002 when the school finished third but this year seems to be the year of victories as the kings from Tailevu proved too strong for Hastings High School from New Zealand, dismantling the Kiwis 35-5. The efforts put during training in school are bearing fruits and I foresee the Lodonians returning home with the U18 Deans cup. As I congratulate RKS for winning the championship away from home, I thank the boys and team management for the efforts. A big vinaka vakalevu to the parents and former scholars for all the support! Finally, I congratulate the Stallions for finally beating Suva and getting the much needed win at Lawaqa Park in the Skipper Cup competition. I also thank the members of the Swire Shipping Fiji Warriors side for a gallant effort against the Western Force!


A new sickness

I was chatting with my friend from Nausori about this and that. He said, “Taciqu, we have NCDs, the flu, now Men-C, now there is a new sickness.” When I asked what the new illness was, he said, “It’s called the free sickness, it’s making people lazy.” He said that in the past people used to go to dairy farms to ask for work, that is not happening now.” Then it dawned on me about people who used to come by Kava Place and ask for money. A few times I have told people to do some work and I’d pay them and they were happy, that too hasn’t happened for a long time now. It seems their needs or wants are being fulfilled by someone or something. So beware folks there is a new illness called free. It makes people lazy.

ALLEN LOCKINGTON, Kava Place, Waiyavi, Lautoka

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