$18 million healthcare facility

MIOT has made significant investment of more than $18 million and has brought a remarkable change, which is now undoubtedly Fiji’s leading private healthcare facility.

This was not only a clear demonstration of MIOT’s commitment to help the people of Fiji have access to state-of-the-art hospital care, but shows the leading international businesses have confidence in Fiji as offering a safe and secure environment for their investments.

Minister for Health and Medical Services Rosy Akbar highlighted this during the launch of the new MIOT Pacific Hospitals Cardiac and Accident Emergency Care Unit in Suva last month.

“These investments are of course supported by a number of incentives, including tax concessions that the Fiji Government offers to encourage international participation in our growing economy,” she said.

“I’m sure we are all marvelled and impressed on what Fiji has achieved in terms of state-of-the art modern day cardiac and emergency care unit through the vision of MIOT Pacific.

“Today thus marks an important milestone for the development of modern health care in Fiji. The opening of this unit represents a major enhancement to the range, sophistication and quality of services that are now available at the MIOT Hospitals in Suva.”

She said with the positive investment environment created by Government, it was encouraging to see local corporates such as BSP Life working with returning Fijian Avi Raju.

“Mr Raju I have been told of your international relationships and investment expertise and how it has brought about a world class partner Dr Prithvi Mohandas and MIOT International to Fiji,” she said.

“Government recognises the value of a mixed economy in Fiji’s health system with public and private sector services working side by side and in addition to support for investors we have introduced a number of legislative changes that make it easier for suitably-qualified health professionals to bring their skills and practice in Fiji.

“As a Government we will retain our commitment to offer all Fijians access to the healthcare they need at little or no direct cost. Nevertheless we acknowledge that there are people who wish to have access to service from private institutions.

“These people may choose to use their own funds, or may rely on private health insurance to purchase services from private providers such as MIOT. We respect that choice and believe that it brings a welcome diversity into our health sector.”

She said over the past year MIOT had invested more than $F18 million in its hospital in Suva.

“This investment has been used to extend the building and to purchase a number of new items of hi-tech equipment which were not previously available here in Fiji. She said MIOT now had access to two particularly remarkable machines which can revolutionise both diagnosis and treatment of complex conditions.

“The Revolution 4D CT scanner can provide multiple 3D images over time (which is the fourth dimension, in case you were wondering) and so give doctors access to moving images of organs, blood vessels, soft tissues and muscles,” she said.

“The Innova Cardiac Catheterisation Lab (or ‘Cath Lab’) enables specialists to identify and remove blockages in blood vessels, including those in the heart, without the need for surgery and with very limited exposure to X-ray radiation.

“MIOT will initially be bringing expert specialists from India to work in Suva. They will work on a full-time basis and provide round-the-clock access to services at the hospital.”

She said she was pleased that each overseas specialist would work closely with a local Fijian counterpart, which meant Fiji would be able to continue to build the skills of its own workforce and in time MIOT would be operating on a ‘by Fijians for Fijians’ basis.

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