17 new Methodist ministers to be ordained

Members of the Nadera Methodist Church youth choir singing at the 2018 Methodist Church in Fiji and Rotuma festival of praise at Furnival park in Suva. Picture: JOVESA NAISUA

SEVENTEEN ministers are expected to be ordained next week by the Methodist Church of Fiji and Rotuma.

Church secretary for communications and overseas mission Rev Wilfred Regunamada said 17 names were approved by the ministerial session yesterday.

Ordained ministers and deaconesses met at the Centenary Church in Suva to discuss ministry issues as well as endorse the ordination of 17 ministers.

Meanwhile, the church’s annual conference, known historically as the Bose ko Viti, began last week Friday with the Festival of Praise and is currently continuing at the Furnival Park in Toorak, Suva.

As for the church soli Rev Wilfred said they were not aiming to collect any amount.

“The money collected all goes back to circuits to help them settle their outstanding levy,” Rev Wilfred said.

He said the Festival of Praise was going on very well as well as the running of the administration and logistics for the conference.