17 Days to San Francisco

Josua Voroka Nauto of Guardforce holds up a Coca-Cola pamphlet with instructions of how to get into the draw. Details are also on billboards and shopping centres Fiji-wide. Picture: SUPPLIED

WITH only 17 days left to go before the promotion closes the Coke team are driving this promotion as hard as possible to ensure no one gets left out.

The major prize is valued at $60,000 i.e. $10,000 per person for the six winners that travel to San Francisco and that includes airfares, accommodation, transfers and $2000 spending money. Coke always likes to surprise and delight so there are a few cool surprises in the bag for winners that are pretty lucrative. The company also ensures 2 chaperones accompany the winners throughout the trip making sure they have an enjoyable and safe trip.

Winners of the major prize to San Francisco fly out on the 17th of July and coming back on July 24.

There are also 100 cartons of Coke No Sugar 330mL cans to be won which is part of Coke’s sampling campaign to ensure that everyone gets to at least try their new product which is the newest member of the family in the Coke range.

How to enter:

Consumers need only purchase any two 600ml, 1.25L or 2.25L Coke, Coke No Sugar, Diet Coke, Sprite or Fanta flavours, write their name and contact details on the back of an envelope and drop them in entry bins or send them in to Coca-Cola. There are also 160 outlets throughout Fiji that you could drop your entries at as they will have entry bins at the front of their shops.
Promotion details

The promotion was first launched at the Coca-Cola Games on April 19 and ends on June 4. The one major draw will take place on June 7 with winners names published in The Fiji Times on June 9.

Previously when winners are taken to the Hong Kong 7’s or previous Rugby World Cup tournaments Coke had them all stocked up with branded gear, cheering sticks and wigs to ensure they got into the rugby spirit.

There is a mandatory briefing dinner hosted for the winners before they fly out whereby they understand the full program, travelling tips, weather conditions, appropriate clothing to suit the weather, facts about the country, dos and don’ts and so forth. This is usually done so that winners know what to expect rather than being taken by surprise. From experience, most winners have never travelled before so a lot of things that we take for granted like another country’s culture, customs or traditions are foreign to them. There are things like boarding passes, biosecurity forms, entering transit and the conditions at the airport that many people are not aware of.

Usually when winners are advised of their win, there is a session conducted with the winners explaining their prize in detail and what they are entitled to along with a question and answer session. We provide translators too in case winners don’t understand English or if they feel comfortable speaking in their mother tongue.

On the winners trip Coca-Cola ensures it is all about the winners, their experience is of utmost importance to us and how we make them feel will impact how they see Coca-Cola which inevitably aligns with our catchphrase, creating millions of moments of happiness for everyone, everywhere and every day.

For details on our promotion log onto www.ccamatilfiji.com or check in store poster for details.

Marketing support
The promotion is supported by posters, cooler stickers, billboards, Cinema, LED, radio, television, press advertisements and social media placements. Consumers can go on to www.ccamatilfiji.com for more details.

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