167,137 queries received through voters’ SMS platform

Naqarawai villgers queue up to vote during pre-polling in Namosi yesterday. Picture: ELIKI NUKUTABU

SUPERVISOR of Elections Mohammed Saneem says they received a total of 167,137 queries through its voters’ details checking platform since it was implemented in February this year.

The platform, he said, ensured that voters are familiar with the respective polling stations where they are scheduled to cast their votes.

Mr Saneem said certain newspapers and media organisations have started picking up reports on voters turning up to polling stations and found that their names were not on the voters list.

He has requested for voters to use the platform if they finding difficulties on finding the polling venues to cast their votes.

Voters can check their details on the Fijian Elections Office 1500 SMS platform.

“The Fijian Elections still have the platform, send your voter identification card details to 1500 so that you are able to check where you are listed, its free service available on all communication network platforms, in the next seven days send your details to 1500 so that you are sure where to vote,” Mr Saneem said.

He also reminded voters they would only cast their votes at the polling station where they are registered.

“This not 2014 where people were given only six months to know where they should vote, time around since February this they know where they should vote, there shouldn’t be any excuse,” Mr Saneem said.

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