166 earthquakes recorded in Fiji to date

The map showing the epicentre of the 6.4 magnitude earthquake that occurred in the Fiji region last month. Picture: SUPPLIED

FIJI has recorded a total of 166 earthquakes so far this year out of which 86 earthquakes were detected to be above the magnitude of 5.

Fiji’s Mineral Resources Department acting director Apete Soro said this was compared with a total of 747 earthquakes felt around the Pacific region so far this year.

Mr Soro said the aftershocks in Fiji were recorded from the two major earthquakes that occurred in Oneata and Moala – which totalled to 46 aftershocks.

He explained that an aftershock is a smaller earthquake that occurs after a larger earthquake in the same area.

He said it could go on for a number of days or weeks depending on the magnitude of the main earthquake.

With the recent frequent earthquakes recorded in the Fiji region recently, Mr Soro said the increase in the number of seismic events and the magnitude depicted the seismic activity and its processes taking place between the Pacific plate and the Indo-Australian plate.

“We have a dense seismic network that covers the whole of the South West Pacific region that enhances the capability to locate seismic events in real time however it remains a mystery why the frequency and the intensity of earthquakes detected have been noticed to be increasing,” said Mr Soro.

He adds that because of Fiji’s location will remain at risk from earthquakes.

“We must prepare for the worst as earthquakes are unpredictable and can happen at any time without any observatories system throughout the world that can forecast its occurrence,” said Mr Soro.

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