$15k prizemoney at stake at Nacavanadi 7s tournament

THE Nacavanadi 7s will be held on November 23-24 and will feature 24 men’s team and 8 women’s at Beddoes Park.

A netball tournament and volleyball tournament will also be part of the event and held at the CBM Multipurpose Courts.

Event co-ordinator George Tiko said this was an effort to bring back youths to rugby, as well as encourage yaqona planting as a livelihood.

“We look to empower our youths again, tap the talent that those inspiring rugby players have and bring them back to be a positive part of society,” Tiko said.

“Even plant their own yaqona which will set them for life if they put their hearts to it.”

The Nacavanadi 7s totals a prize money of $15,000 across the board.

Members of the public are advised to contact event coordinator George Tiko on 8649614 for any queries.

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