Water scarcity

Women of Naselesele washing clothes in a nearby river because of no water supply in the area. Picture SERAFINA SILAITOGA

THE people of Matei on the north end of Taveuni have raised concerns on the lack of regular water supply over the past month.

Resident Ani Sivosi said housewives were finding it tough travelling to rivers and streams to wash their clothes and household utensils.

Ms Sovosi said people in the area had only been receiving full water supply at night for a month now.

“It is unreasonable because this is the time of the day when people are active and when we need water,” she said.

Another housewife Bui Reginald said the water supply in the area was pathetic, adding it had been going on for a month now.

“The sad thing is that when we do not pay our bills and get late for a day they cut off our supply, but when we request for their services it is pathetic,” she said.

However, another resident Geoff Amos commended the WAF personnel whom he said had been doing a marvellous job carting water to homes.

Responding to these concerns, WAF northern regional manager Apete Radrodrolagi said water supply in areas of the North was affected by the prolonged dry season experienced in the division and advised that this may affect supply to other areas.

“Therefore we are carting water for drinking and cooking purposes and we are calling on people to have patience,” he said.

“Those needing water carting services on Taveuni can contact the supervisor Neomi Tamani on 9104494.”

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