Vodafone warns on calls

IF you have received missed calls from Yemen like I have today, it’s probably from someone trying to scam you.
Vodafone Fiji has released a statement today warning its users to be vigilant regarding incoming international calls from unknown international numbers.
“Some of these calls maybe coming from scam operators based in other countries with an intention to defraud customers.  It is therefore advisable that if one gets such calls from unknown international numbers to either ignore them or report to Vodafone so we can ascertain the authenticity of the calls and take appropriate action,” Shailendra Prasad.  Acting Chief Marketing Officer of Vodafone Fiji.

Vodafone’s statement explained that network operators around the world have an understanding and bilateral agreements to pass calls from one network to another to facilitate easier communications around the world.

“We do not screen every call on our network to determine whether a call is genuine or made from scam operators.  This would be prying into the private conversation of two parties and a breach of customer confidentiality and privacy which we hold in very high regard,” Mr Prasad said.

“However, if we are made aware of certain calls which are non-genuine in nature and made with an intention to defraud our subscribers, we inform the public accordingly and take it up with the call originating network to ensure such calls are blocked.  We have identified the current set of calls originating from Yemen and have taken it up with the network operator in the country to block these numbers.”

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