149 years on – Teamwork makes us thrive

Nai Lalakai team - Viliame Ravai, Unaisi Ratubalavu (Editor) and Viliame Odro. Picture: SENIMILI BRADBURGH

THE editorial team consists of the Photography section, the News team, the Advertising Features Department, Nai Lalakai Newspaper, Online news, Shanti Dut newspaper, Sports Team, Business and the Sunday Times newspaper. In all we have 74 staff members in Suva as well as in our North and Western bureaus.
We bring you news from the various sections:

Team leader news: Nasik Swami on behalf of the chief of staff Sakiasi Waqanivavalagi.
We are a young and dynamic team of people who care about you.
This birthday milestone gives us the opportunity to celebrate our role as a watchdog – fostering transparency, accountability and the rule of law. Our vibrant news team in Suva consists of seven journalists from different backgrounds, who bring you the news daily.

Sports Editor: Joe Makaba

The sports team is happy to be part of the 149th anniversary celebration of the Fiji Times Limited. We promise we will continue to bring the best in local and international sports news to your doorsteps.

Senior Business reporter: Monika Singh
This year was an eventful one for the business department. The announcement of the 2018-2019 National Budget kept us busy and on our toes – getting stories and reactions from stakeholders on the budget.
While we lost a member of our business team, a new member joined. The team paid its final respects to Senior Business reporter Manasa Kalouniviti and we welcomed Mela Katonivualiku as a Senior Business reporter.
This year the company marks 149th years of its existence and I am proud to say that we have also grown immensely with the company – in terms of work experience and broadening our knowledge on issues – business related.
The Business Team looks forward to more fruitful and exciting years with the company.
Advertising Features editor: Verenaisi Raicola
We are humbled to be part of a reliable news organisation that has existed for 149 years. The advertisingfFeatures department covers advertorials. We have a vibrant team of five in Harold, Atasa, Abishek, Losalini and myself. Vinaka vakalevu to the management, families, readers, friends, advertisers, fans as well as former employees for your faith in this newspaper to make it what it is today.- a reliable source of informative newspaper.

West Bureau chief Margaret Wise

We praise God for blessing us with another successful year of growth, and look forward to moving forward – with you our readers. This West based team of nine brings you news that count. We are the difference you can see – because We Report to You!

North Bureau chief Serafina Silaitoga
We are the smallest team but we’ve possessed a will power that goes beyond our human strength to give our readers the best in areas we cover from the North – Sports, News, Sunday Times features, Peoples Page, Business and Online.
Our passion drives us to travel far, cover events and deliver at the end of a day’s assignments.
The support from communities in the North has tremendously helped us with our work and of course, being led by the Almighty Jesus Christ strengthens us to fulfil our plan.
So to all our readers in the North, traditional leaders and high chiefs – Vina’a Va’alevu for working with us and we appreciate your contribution.

Shanti Dut editor Nilam Kumar
Shanti Dut prints once a week with 20 pages. Shanti Dut started its publication in 1935 and has never stopped since then except missing one publication in May 1987.
There are two permanent staff members in myself Nilam Kumar, Senior reporter Rakesh Kumar, one casual staff Gyan Prabha Nand and one production staff Jyoti Maharaj (proof reader).
We publish a yearly bumper 200 pages Diwali issue.
We congratulate The Fiji Times on its 149th anniversary and salute the company for being the voice of the voiceless.
Thumbs up for integrity, impartiality and balanced reporting.God Bless.

Chief Sub-editor Sanju Prasad
ONE hundred and forty-nine years on and The Fiji Times still stands strong.
This newspaper’s commitment to disseminate news without fear or favour and uphold the ethics of journalism at all times has been the driving force behind its success.
Among the hardworking staff members who help in the daily production of the newspaper are the sub-editors. The sub-editors are supposedly the last bastion of hope as far as checks and balances are concerned before the paper goes to print.
The choice of headlines, pictures and the general presentation of the newspaper are all decided by the sub-editors. As we continue this 149-year-old journey and strive for excellence, the team from the subs desk would like to thank all The Fiji Times readers for their continued support and appreciation.
From the subs desk, thanks.

Reporter Filipe Naigulevu on behalf of online editor Timoci Vula
“The Fiji Times Online is the growing digital multimedia space of Fiji’s oldest newspaper. With our strong digital presence, The Fiji Times is now more than just a newspaper.
Earlier this year, we launched a revamped website as well as our new mobile app, placing the newspaper as one of the leaders in digital news delivery around the world.
With the growth in our online readers, the Fiji Times Online team has now grown in numbers with four online journalists – Talebula Kate, Jessica Savike, Rohit Deo and Filipe Naigulevu led by our online editor Timoci Vula, and overseen by our deputy editor Elenoa Baselala working around the clock to keep our online readers informed.
With Fiji Times Online, we pride ourselves in providing you today’s news, today!”

Chief Photographer Eliki Nukutabu

The ‘shooters’ department of the Fiji Times company wish to thank God for steering the company for the last 149 years and are proud to have been a part of this great journey.
Our aim is to deliver great news and sports images that impact the lives of people and the nation in a positive way and this gives us great joy and motivation every day. We look forward to our 150th anniversary next year and wish the company well in its future endeavours.

Nai Lalakai Editor Unaisi Ratubalavu
Nai Lalakai newspaper was first published in 1962 to cater for the iTaukei readers in the country.
We have a three-member team and the paper is published weekly on Wednesdays.
Villages and rural communities look forward to reading Nai Lalakai for it contains news stories, legends, sports and religious columns.

Sunday Times – By Senimili Bradburg on behalf of the editor
The Sunday Times Team under the leadership of Fred Wesley consists of the following members:
Sachida Anand, Sikeli Qounadovu, Matilda Simmons, Siteri Sauvakacolo, Ana Madigibuli, Sophie Ralulu, and Senimili Bradburgh.
We provide readers with the Kaila!, Shipping pages, Property Guide, People pages, opinion pages, and special features in The Sunday Times, including Soul Living and top entertainment news from Bollywood and Hollywood. Having won several PANPA awards over the years, we are proud to be part of the 149th anniversary celebrations and look forward to more happy days ahead.

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