137 years of Girmit

It has been 137 years since the arrival of the first Indians in Fiji. A lot has been written and said about these pioneers of development.

It is essential to take note that these so-called farm workers although uneducated (formal education) had the values to sustain the pressures of the circumstances they were subjected to.

They proved through their commitment, sacrifice, and positive attitude that nothing is impossible.

There is no place for helplessness and lifelessness even in the most challenging times.

Girmit is a synonym for sacrifice, commitment, courage, culture, identity, tolerance and dignity.

If our people could survive the extreme levels of harshness during the period of girmit why do we have to be depressed and frightened in life?

Dangers and threats will come and be gone.

This is a vision our young minds must embrace to combat suicide, criminal activities and de-human behaviour. Girmit has the power to empower us the courage to live a life with its proportion of happiness, sadness and of course destiny.

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