13 years for rapist

A 45-year-old man convicted of raping his 17-year-old niece on multiple occasions resulting in her pregnancy, has been sentenced to 13 years imprisonment by the High Court in Lautoka.

The father of three from Lautoka was found guilty of raping the teenager several times in 2014.

The teenager is a relative of the man’s wife and was living with the couple during the time of the attack.

The man also threatened to kill the teenager if she told anyone about the incidents.

During sentencing this week, Justice Aruna Aluthge said the man exploited the victim’s vulnerability because she was from a broken family.

He said the man was a fatherly figure to the victim and was in a position of authority.

“It is an irony that while we are celebrating women’s rights in all spheres’ on Women’s Day, the accused showed little or no concern for her dignity,” he said.

“Courts and society cannot condone any form of sexual assault on women and children.

“Rape of children is very serious and it seems to be very prevalent in Fiji.

“It is appalling to see that rape rears its ugly head almost every day in Fiji.”

The man was given 30 days to appeal the sentence.

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