$12m cyclone damage

Fiji Roads Authority CEO Jonathan Moore. Picture: FRA

THE Fiji Roads Authority incurred damage costs of about $12 million around the country after Tropical Cyclone Josie and Severe Tropical Cyclone Keni.In an interview, authority’s chief executive officer Jonathan Moore said
the cyclone damage in the Northern Division totalled $5m while the Western Division was $7m.

“So, we have done emergency access first so people can have access to villages and other point of areas they travel to,” he said.

“This is done within three to four weeks because access is our first priority
and then we do final restoration work.”

For the closed suspension bridge in Korotari, outside Labasa Town, Mr Moore said they inspected the crossing.

“We have discovered that high waters during the flood moved the crossing and so it shifted the support for the crossing and we will check to see its safety,” he said.

“We are also looking at doing a more resilient crossing for the area.”

Following STC Keni, police cordoned off the bridge as people were still using the suspension bridge.

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