$12k loss to crops

AN estimated amount of $12k has been lost by a root crop farmer in the village of Nakorouto in Sawakasa, Tailevu.

Luke Navuda, one of the many root crop owners in Nakorouto said the root crops on his farms had suffered extensive damage caused by strong winds and flooding because of Tropical Cyclone (TC) Keni.

He said there were at least 40 families in the village who also suffered damage to their crops because of the torrential rain over the past two weeks.

“These farms are the only source of income for my family,” he said.

“We have lost everything, our banana plants, dalo, cassava, plantains such as vudi and even the pawpaw plants were not spared by the floods.

“It will take me at least six months to recover all that I have lost.”

He added the matured crops that were not damaged can last his family for at least a month whereas the other matured root crops had accounted for the most damage.

“In our family I am the sole breadwinner and I also look after my parents and my sister’s children who attend school,” he added.

Meanwhile, another villager of Nakorouto, Manasa Levatabua who also experienced loss to his root crops said the impact by TC Keni had caused him to search for other means to support his family.

“The torrential rain brought by the recent TC Keni damaged everything on my farm including all the cassava, vudi, banana and duruka plants.

“Right now I don’t have any other avenue for income generation for my family after the damage to my farm.”

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