12-year-old is youngest stroke victim

THE youngest stroke victim in Fiji is a 12-year-old, says Counterstroke Fiji president Elizabeth Reade Fong. She said stroke could happen to anyone no matter how old or how young the person was.

“Statistics tell us that one out of four people in the world suffer from stroke, so it is important that we prevent this,” she said.

“Everyday three people are admitted to the Colonial War Memorial Hospital Stroke Unit.” She said there were two types of common stoke in Fiji.

“One happens when there is a burst in the brain and one is when there is a clot either way it’s going to cause pain and it needs attention,” she said.

“Many of us who have not had a stroke just wake up and do things normally, but a stroke person does not have that luxury. They need to think carefully ‘can I move this arm or no’.”

Ms Fong said a person who has suffered a stroke faced many challenges. “Challenges of speech, if you can’t speak it’s very hard to speak, balance, eyesight, walking and memory, bladder control, strength and movement of arms and legs, understanding of space and directions and control of emotion.”

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