$11m for agriculture

GOVERNMENT is earmarked to spend around $11million for its agricultural projects within the province of Bua this year.

A report from the senior agricultural officer Bua, Ratu Ilisoni Banuve, stated the projects included rice revitalisation, coconut development, cocoa rehabilitation, vanilla, cottage industry, land preparation and agricultural extension services.

Ratu Banuve said Government spent an enormous amount of its funding to assist farmers in the preparation of their land which was $101,640.

He encouraged farmers within the province to apply so they could benefit from the assistance provided by Government.

Ratu Banuve told council members they would continue their awareness programs throughout the province this year.

Farmers were urged to get involved in farming schemes to have a collective voice in addressing issues that affected them.

Ratu Banuve encouraged farmers to practise intercropping and not to focus on only one type of farming practice. He said Government was focused on revitalising the copra industry with a total budget allocation of $42,787.

Ratu Banuve encouraged farmers within the province to plant more rice and vegetables.

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