$113.4m for women and children

THE Ministry of Women, Children and Poverty Alleviation received a budget of $113.4 million.

Of this amount, $111 million is for operating expenditure, $1.9 million for capital expenditure and VAT of $0.6 million.

The increase of $46.9 million is mainly because of the new initiatives introduced:

n persons living with permanent disabilities are now eligible for $90/person as monthly allowance. Disability allowance allocation is $7,974,736;

n $25,000 allocated to initiate an inclusive consultative process to foster partnerships for the provision of clinical support to psycho-socially challenged individuals;

n $138,000 for the extension and refurbishment of the Fiji Juvenile Rehabilitation Centre, Samabula;

n $300,000 for the upgrading of three State homes for older persons; and

n $200,000 grants for Makoi Vocational Training Centre and Ba Women’s Forum in assisting Department of Women in providing skills training in the Central and Western divisions.

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