MOG observers deployed to polling venues

TEAMS from the Multinational Observer Group (MOG) were deployed today to various polling stations ahead of Election Day tomorrow.

According to a statement from MOG, teams were being deployed by air, sea and road to different locations across the country.

Each team will visit a number of polling venues on Election Day to observe the conduct of both voting and counting.

The MOG also ran a training session this morning for newly arrived short-term observers at MOG Headquarters in Flagstaff, Svua.

Indonesia’s co-chair Wajid Fauzi, who was formally accredited this morning, welcomed the new observers and wished them well for their deployments.

“Our teams are being deployed across the country today to ensure they can observe the start of voting tomorrow at their allocated polling venues,” said Mr Fauzi.

“Our observers will be in all four divisions, including both urban and rural areas, to ensure the MOG has an accurate picture of the conduct of Election Day.”

In addition to these nation-wide deployments, a contingent of observers will remain in the Suva-Nausori area to observe voting around the capital on Election Day.

This is important, as a large proportion of votes will be cast in this area on Election Day.



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