$10m military aid boost

Fiji’s Minister of Defence and National Security Ratu Inoke Kubuabola, right, with Chinese Ambassador to Fiji Qian Bo after the agreement signing. Picture: SUPPLIED

A NEW agreement, which will see military aid valued at about $10 million flowing into Fiji from China, was sealed today.

The agreement, signed by Fiji’s Minister of Defence and National Security Ratu Inoke Kubuabola today, will see a capital infusion of nearly $10 million in aid from China towards Fiji’s peacekeeping and disaster relief efforts.

The military aid is valued at exactly 30 million RMB yuan ($F9.5 million) from the Chinese government.

This, according to Fijian Government, marks a significant increase from the 20 million RMB yuan (FJD $6.3 million) that was pledged in Suva last year.

A Government statement issued earlier this afternoon stated that the aid would be used by the Republic of Fiji Military Forces to procure equipment that will bolster the country’s ability to quickly and effectively respond to emergencies.

It will also provide vital training and preparation for Fijian Peacekeepers’ overseas missions.

The aid is also earmarked to support Fiji’s globally-praised role in United Nations peacekeeping.

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