107 water purification systems installed

AT least 107 ecological purification systems have been installed by the Infrastructure Ministry and Water Authority of Fiji (WAF) to allow the treatment of natural water sources throughout the country.

Infrastructure Minister Parveen Kumar said 28 of these projects were located in the Western Division.

A further 31 sites were earmarked for the 2017/2018 financial year.

“The total funding provided by Government in this financial year for this program is $2 million,” he said. “Another government initiative is the distribution of 5000 litre rainwater harvesting tanks through WAF to our rural and maritime communities with a total funding of $1.4m.

“Furthermore, new water sources such as groundwater and water desalination plants will be developed for our remote island communities. Another initiative for which Government has partnered with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) is the Ridge to Reef project.”

This project focuses on the protection of the environment and coastal ecosystems through the reduction of transfer of chemicals, nutrients and sediments from agriculture, forestry catchments and untreated waste water.

Mr Kumar said a tree planting initiative worth $500,000 had also been initiated through the Ministry of Forestry.

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