10 years training prepares Matelita for life

MATELITA Ciwa, originally of Koro Island, now lives in Vatuwaqa, Suva, has spent more than 10 years helping out her mother at her stall at the Suva market.

“Just lately I’ve been helping out my aunt and namesake, Matelita Ciwa Sr, in her market stall.

“My namesake unfortunately passed away recently and suddenly I’m left with a stall to manage on my own,” Ms Ciwa said.

Ms Ciwa, who is now 30 years old, has spent most of her teenage life around the Suva market working alongside her mother and namesake.

She was then in her early teens and every day after school, she said she would come down to the market and help her mother out.

“And what I learned during this time has been invaluable to me especially now that I’m running my own stall,” she said.

Ms Ciwa said she felt she was now matured enough and have attained a good working knowledge of running a market stall after more than 10 years with her mother and namesake. The experience she had gained had enabled her to manage a stall of her own.

“I’ve learned to make ends meet with the money I earn and it’s paying for food and other personal expenses besides the Suva market stall expenses and I’m enjoying it because I’ve been brought up in here and I’ve developed a passion at being a market vendor,” she said.

She normally sells vegetables and root crops at her stall but now she’s concentrating on mangoes because they were in season and were selling like hot cakes.

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