$1.5m for campaign

THE People’s Democratic Party (PDP) has estimated $1.5 million to fund its national general election campaign.

Revealing this yesterday, party leader Lynda Tabuya said the party’s fundraising committee and backing from trade unions, where bulk of their support was from, would look after the activities. “For us, funding is the only one that we are struggling with the most because you know how the Political Parties’ Act disallows trade union leaders or unionists to participate,” Ms Tabuya said.

“In fact, the backing of the PDP is the unions, even though we appeal to everyone in general, it is an issue of funding for us, so what we have to do is just find few strong people who are willing to come together to do this and to put in their money.”

Ms Tabuya said if the coalition talks did not work out for the party, they would carry out an extensive overseas campaign to get the support of Fijians.

“All we can do is to really use social media, that’s going to be a good platform, the social media.

“Drive to appeal to overseas stakeholders who are on social media a lot.

“Secondly, we would like to visit the usual main countries, Australia and New Zealand and America.”

She said if permissible, the party would visit the Middle East to seek support of Fijians there.

“That would be something that we would look into, depending on resources and funding. Again there’s a big disadvantage for small parties because of the ability to reach, to have the kind of reach, having said that we are going to our websites, to our social media, that’s how we will be reaching out to maybe appeal to our overseas voters.”

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