‘Young offenders from broken families’

19-year-old Inoke Cagitukana outside the High Court in Suva yesterday. Picture: JOVESA NAISUA

A NINETEEN-YEAR-OLD teenager was released on bail on the condition that he returns to school as soon as possible.

Inoke Cagitukana appeared before High Court judge Justice Daniel Goundar yesterday and was told that he needed to change his ways or he would be a seasoned criminal.

Justice Goundar said it was disheartening to notice that at a young age, Cagitukana was facing five charges of criminal offences.

Cagitukana’s grandfather was called in as surety and Cagitukana was released to his custody.

Cagitukana was ordered to remain with his grandfather and not to change address. His grandfather told the court that his main concern was that the boy’s parents sometimes would come and demand to take the boy.

Justice Goundar then issued an order whereby the boy will remain with his grandfather throughout the duration of the case.

Justice Goundar also told Cagitukana’s grandfather that he would need to talk to his daughter who is Cagitukana’s mother and her former husband.

“You need to tell them the judge has expressed a lot of concerns for this young man. Tell them that the order is for him to stay with you, if he changes address he breaches his bail condition and he will end up at the remand centre,” Justice Goundar said.

“It is rather unfortunate that a lot of young offenders coming to court are from broken families, and if you don’t fix this problem he will spend more time in prison.”

The matter was remitted to the Magistrates Court.

Cagitukana will appear before the chief magistrate on April 23 during the first week of school holidays.