Vuniamatana: Confirm lease boundaries

THE Department of Lands in the North currently has 2000 pending land boundary complaints.

Responding to queries raised by Wailevu Tiri tenants during a consultation on Tuesday, divisional lands officer northern Joseva Vuniamatana said most of these files dealt with land boundary complaints.

Mr Vuniamatana said they only had one team dealing with these complaints.

He had advised tenants to write to the department of lands manager in Labasa adding that lessor needed to clarify boundaries to their tenants before handing over their leases.

“Before signing the transfer of lease you need to ensure that you know your lease boundaries,” he said.

“Mark the boundaries with a permanent marker so that physical changes on the land do not affect these marks.

“In a recent case in Taveuni where the land boundaries were pegged with cement, survey works on the lease after 100 years proved that the lease boundary peg was correct.

“No one is allowed to move land boundary pegs as it is illegal.”

Mr Vuniamatana said because of the small team they had attending to land survey requests, confirmation of lease boundaries usually took some time.

Meanwhile, lessee Harmogam Chetty, told Mr Vuniamatana they were finding it hard to locate their boundary pegs.

Mr Chetty said requests to clarify land boundaries to the department took time before queries were attended to.