USP awards top three

Jeshika Solanki receives gold medal from the USP chancellor and the President of Fiji, Jioji Konrote, during the 2018 Medals and Prizes Ceremony graduation at Japan Pacific ICT multipurpose theatre on Tuesday night. Picture: RAMA

THE vice-chancellor and president’s all-rounder prize was awarded to three of the University of the South Pacific’s top students on Tuesday at the USP Japan-Pacific ICT multipurpose theatre.

The female recipient for the all-rounder prize was 23-year-old Jeshika Solanki a Bachelor of Net Centric computing student who originally hails from India. She acknowledged her parents for their support.

“I would sincerely like to thank my parents for all their support for without them this wouldn’t have been possible,” Ms Solanki said.

Ms Solanki added that moving away from her home country was a challenge in itself, but she now considered Fiji as her home.

“There were so many ups and downs I faced when I first joined USP, I was from a different country and trying to adjust was a challenge, but I managed to pull through,” she said.

“The people here are by far the friendliest and the most welcoming, so I am very grateful to now call Fiji home.”

Martin Feussner and Shaneel Prakash were the male recipients of the all-rounder prize.

Mr Feussner, who is originally from Germany and majors in physics and mathematics, said the whole university experience helped him become more of a critical thinker.

“The whole university experience has made me a better critical thinker and I guess that’s the most important thing,” Mr Feussner said.

“I have adapted my studies to learning the concept rather than just remembering the concept so I have improved my ability to learn things as well.”

Mr Feussner is also a national badminton rep and has achieved three goal medals in maths, physics and the Most Outstanding Graduate for the Bachelor of Science for the Faculty of Science, Technology and Environment.

A total of 52 recipients were awarded the top honours awards for the university.