Triple N Zone: LMS Blue ribbon Vosanibola eyes Coke Games

Lelean Memorial School Blue Ribbon winner Eroni Vosanibola. Picture: ALISI VUCAGO

Update: 5:13PM BLUE ribbon winner Eroni Vosanibola of Lelean Memorial School crossed the tape at a time of 10.90 seconds.

The confident 18-year-old said he was grateful to achieve his dream and attain a very crucial gold medal for his school.

“It’s really an overwhelming experience to win this event and this is the perfect opportunity to prove myself at the upcoming Coca-Cola Games,” Vosanibola said.

Vosanibola is determined to win the blue ribbon event at the Coca-Cola Games.

Meanwhile, Filimaina Salabogi of Adi Cakobau School won the blue ribbon event in the girl’s division at a time of 13.47.

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