Third cane payment

THE Sugar Industry Tribunal has announced that canefarmers will receive the third cane payment for the 2017 season this week.

The payment is $13.45 per tonne and while growers have acknowledged the Fiji Sugar Corporation for facilitating the payment, some are calling for deductions to be made over two payments.

“We are happy with the $13.45 per tonne but it is the deductions that will cripple us,” said prominent Ba grower Arun Sharma.

“Because there were no deductions made in the January special cane payment, all deductions will be made in this payment.

“So we are suggesting that FSC deducts 50 per cent now and another 50 per cent in the fourth cane payment in May.”

Sugar Cane Growers Council CEO Sundresh Chetty said the deductions were being made under the Master Award as per any normal cane payment.

Questions sent to FSC on the issue remain unanswered.