Swarovski invites Hoerder

Upcoming model Losalini Manamanakitoga walks the ramp during the Fiji Fashion Week model casting at the Fiji Arts Council playhouse in Suva yesterday. Picture: ANA MADIGIBULI

FIJI Fashion Week designer Hupfield Hoerder has been approached by leading jewellery maker, Swarovski, to work with an Italian and Indian designer in showcasing Fiji’s talent in an upcoming international fashion show.

Hoerder said he was lucky and honoured to be recognised by the Australian-based company for the top job.

He said the recognition came after he travelled to London to be part of Commonwealth Fashion Exchange where he designed a gown made of tapa which collaboration between him and a designer from Vanuatu.

“It is exciting because when we did the dress I took to London, it was collaborating with designers in the region, it was between me, and Vanuatu,” he said.

“That was something I have always wanted to do to collaborate with other countries outside of Fiji because that is when we do something different.

“So this project (Swarvoki) is between me, India and Italy, so it is an honour for me. They haven’t named the dates yet but it is in September.”

Mr Hoerder said this was a good platform for all designers in the country as it would mean the much needed break everyone was after.

“They really liked the gown and I think they want to do this in the long term,” he said.

Meanwhile, more than 50 girls showed up at the FJFW model cast held yesterday as they prepared for the May show.

This is the second model casting as FJFW continues to search for the best models to showcase the work of 12 local designers who will be part of the show.