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Saturday, June 16, 2007

This column is a community service. It will not accept business notices like those for annual general meetings which should be sent to our advertising department.


NAIKOROKORO church service 3pm. Kalabu housing.

TAR'MATAU and Mata'utu (Tu'oi) clan meeting at 3pm at Penjueli's home. Ratu Dovi Road, Nadera.

YAVUSA Qaraniyaku, Togo, Qamea meeting at the Nabua Hall, Mead Road at 11am. Contact Iowane (FDB) for further details.

MATAQALI Turagaulu Naroi, Moala at 2pm Draunidalo's Pl.

MATAQALI O Bau soli and meeting at 5pm at Tama i Rokomasa's home, Ogo Pl Valelevu.

YASANA ko Ba women meeting and tau soli at 3pm at the Vale Kau, Berkley Crescent.

MOTUSA community sports day at Suva Grammar School.

VANUAVATU Village committee meeting at 2pm at Epworth hall.

MATAQALI Taqu meeting at 2pm at Moala St.

YAVUSA Waidau meeting at 7pm at Asaeli Vosanibola's home. Nadera.

MALHA'A Else'e meeting at 2pm at 75 Gordon St.

VALESASA women meeting at 2pm at Ratu Isikeli Baba's home Raiwai.

LAMITI Village Lautoka meeting and choir practice 5pm at Inoke Tagicakibau's house Drasa Avenue.

YALE Village women Saqamoli Day at 2pm at Ratu Elisa's home, Lakeba St.

RKS Sukuna House PTA meeting at 10am at Nausori Police Station bure. Soli $10.

MATAQALI Salakova, Lamiti Saqamoli Day and meeting at 2pm at Laisenia Vateitei's home, Kinoya.

EX Dravo District School soli, 2pm at the school.

LOPTA community meeting, 9am at Churchward Chapel Hall.

YASANA Navure, Nawaikama church service at 5pm at Samabula police bure, Rewa St.

YAVUSA Louvatu, Nahama Village meeting at 2pm at 20 Greene St.

LOMATI, Matuku village meeting at 24 Oneata St, Nabua.

VAITOGO - Rirou 'Ese meet at 10am at Lot 10 Browning St, Raiwaqa.

YAVUSA Maloku meeting at 2pm at Qauia.

MATAQALI Nadramai (Suva) meeting and soli at 2pm at Tamai Bale's home, Sakoca Heights.

NAIKOROKORO, Tikina Sanima church service at 3pm at Lot 14 Cevuga Rd, Kalabu Housing.

JOSAIA family (Raviravi) meeting at 3pm at Ogo Place, Valelevu.

NAROKO District School old scholars meeting at 7pm at Peni Waqaqai's home, Bryce St, Raiwaqa.

NATOKALAU, Cicia meeting at 2pm at Nakasi.

NABOUCIWA Village meeting at 2pm at Davuilevu Housing.

DOI Day from 9am-4pm at the Soqosoqo Vakamarama in Nabua.

DRUE Village church service at 2pm at Ratu Epeli Qaranavanua's home, Valelevu.

TIKINA Makawa Cakaudrove women meeting and soli ($10) at 3pm at 13 Shiri Raman Pl, Namadi.

RKS Cakau House parents and guardian dormitory painting at 10am at the school. Provide your own transport and lunch.

NAYAWA and Laselase, Nadroga meeting and soli (Tabacakacaka Majuju) at 3pm at 15 Ruve St, Samabula.

MAKADRU Village church service at Naveiwakau Methodist church at 2pm . Ladies please bring a plate.

VIONE Village soli at Marika Vunibaka's home, Nepani.

YAVUSA Muairewa, Mataqali Navau meeting at 3pm at 7 Salato Rd, Namadi.

BMSOG (Nausori/Tailevu) prayer breakfast at 5.30am at Dilkush Methodist High School.

MATAQALI Qarai, Nacamaki, Koro meeting at 5pm at Ratu Naulu's home, Vatuwaqa.


VUNIYAVU Youth (Suva) church service at 3.30pm at Vunibua church, Laqere. Ladies please bring a plate.

YAVUSA Vaua,Vadra Moala church service at 2.30pm at Vunidakua hall, Cunningham.

BUA Yasana church service at 3pm at the World Harvest Centre. Tikina Kubulau to host

KADAVU church service at 3pm at the Centenary Church. Nacolase will host.

RFMR Wives and mothers church service at 3pm at Rabuka Hall. Host Strategy Headquarters.

NADROGA/Navosa (Suva area) church service at 4pm at Vunidilo Methodist Church. Tikina o Baravi to host.

MANUKU Village, Batiki church service at 3pm at Nauluvatu Methodist Church. Please bring a plate.

VANUAVATU church service at 3pm at Saioni Methodist Church, Kalabu Housing.

YAVUSA Maloku church service at 2pm at Qauia Church.

TIKINA Nawaka church service at 4pm at Inosi Nabuka's home, Cunningham Stg 4. Please bring a plate and soli.

NACAVANADI Village church service at 4pm at Valelevu Police Bure. Mataqali Tui Nacavanadi to host. Call 3398538.

TUBOU/Levuka church service at 3pm at Nabua Secondary School hall. Tokatoka Nayavutoka to host. Ladies please bring a plate.

YAVUSA Doi church service at 4pm at Naveiwakau Methodist Church.

TOKATOKA Naivi church service at 3.30pm at Senivuga Tabakau's home. Loa to host.

ONO, Kadavu church service at 4pm at Lovodua's home. Ladies please bring a plate.

NAWAIKAMA Village church service at 3.30pm at Naivitavaya Church, Laucala Beach.

NAROI, Moala church service at 2.30pm at Raiwai Methodist Church.

YADRANA church service at Vatuwaqa.

CICIA Church service at 3pm at Makoi Methodist Primary School. Tarukua to host.

NALAWA, Ra church service at 5pm at Tubui Adi Veti's home, Kalabu.

NUKUNI Village church service at 3pm at Ramise Biu's home, Tovata, Kalabu. Mataqali Nukuni to host.

YAVUSA Nayaumunu, Viwa, Bau, Tailevu church service at 4pm at Joritani Methodist Church. Dilkusha, Nausori.

NACAMAKI Village church service at 3pm at Raiwaqa Catholic Hall. Please bring a plate.


TIKINA Ravitaki Village women meeting at 2pm at Kini's home, Delainavesi on June 23. All invited to attend this important meeting.

YAVUSA Vaua,Vadra Moala,soli vakamataqali and Yavusa meeting at 2.30pm at Vunidakua hall, Biau Dr.Cunningham on June 18.

Nayau Salia Day at Pemo Bay Food & Fun at Pemo Bay June 18th.

ULUINACEVA Day from 8.30am-1pm at Nabua Secondary School on June 18.

LOMARY ex-student meeting and Saqamoli Day at the school on June 18. All welcome.

NAISOGOVAU Village meeting at 10am at the village on June 18. All villagers in Suva/Nausori area invited.

NI-VANUATU Descendants Sports Day at Rishkul Grounds on June 18. All descendants welcome to attend.

CAVU Family gathering at 10am at Mrs. Koroi's home, 10 Deovji St on June 18. Pot luck.

VUNIVASA youth club, Nabouciwa meeting and soli at 1pm at Naduru on June 23.

KADAVU women saqamoli day at 9am at Soqosoqo Vakamarama, Nabua on June 30. All marama ni yasana ko Kadavu welcome. Prizes at stake.

QVS Bau house cadet pass -out parade, bus leaves Flea Market at 7am, pick up 3 Miles, Valelevu, 9 Miles, Nausori (8am) on June 30.

QARANI women soli ($5) at 3pm at Raiwaqa hall near the first block in Raiwaqa on June 30.

FIJI Nuclear Test Veterans Association meeting at 10am at Epworth hall on June 30. Annual subscription for 2007/08 due.

INTERNATIONAL Women Association monthly meeting at 10am at French Ambassador's home on July 2.

SCRIPTURE Union in Fiji AGM at 10am at Salvation Army. Grantham Rd on June 23. All welcome.

YAVUSA Devo Balavu "Salia Day'' celebration at 10.30am at Pemo Fisheries Co-operatives, Draunibota, Lami on June 18. Church service at 9.30am.

SJSS Alumnae monthly mass at 5.30pm at Sacred Heart Cathedral on June 20.

BMS Ex-students AGM in Lautoka on July 28th. Suva branch kalavata at Moti Ram, Toorak. Call 9466776.

LAU Provincial youth meeting at 4.30pm at Lau Provinical Office board room on June 19.

FATHER Peter Ryan Bilolevu Club commitee meeting at 6.30pm followed by general meeting on June 20.

YADRAN FunDay at Suva Grammar School ground.

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