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Tips on second-hand clothes shopping

Atasa Moceituba
Thursday, March 08, 2018

I don't know about you but second-hand clothes shopping is something I love to do when I'm in town.

One of the best thing about second-hand shopping is that it creates a sustainable chain of used items.

Some people go shopping for the enjoyment or because they got a big pay check or maybe because they need an outfit for an upcoming event.

The best part about buying second-hand is the lower price tag. Why buy a brand new pair of jeans when you can pay half the price for the same pair that has been worn once or twice?

Sometimes you can even find brand new items with tags on them.

Remember when looking for clothes, it's wise to keep a few things in mind including that it takes persistence, time and a sharp eye. Here are some best tips by website for buying second-hand clothes

* Set a budget. This is difficult at first. You don't know how much things cost but eventually you'll be able to tell yourself, "I'm going to spend only $20 today". It becomes a game to see how much you can buy for $20.

* Discard your prejudices. Some people consider thrift stores and used clothing shops nasty dirty places. Some are. Most aren't. Explore your neighbourhood. Find a shop or two that you like, and you'll be hooked.

* Go with a friend. It's good to have a second opinion. Your friend may have an eye for what looks good on you — and vice versa.

* Try things on. Sizes vary widely between manufacturers and even by eras.

(Today's clothes have looser fits.) But go in knowing your general size and measurements. Note that some places don't have dressing rooms, so it's smart to wear a modest thin layer in case you need to strip down in the aisle.

* Examine each item thoroughly. It sucks to get home to find your new shirt has a hole in the pocket.

Or that the slacks you thought were a steal actually has a broken zipper.

* Use the tags as a guide to find quality brands you like, but don't limit yourself. Sometimes a brand you've never heard of can yield a favourite piece of clothing.

* Look for clothes new with tags. Sometimes unsold department store inventory finds its way to used clothing stores and thrift shops. You'll generally pay more for these items, but not much.

* Watch for sales. Used clothing stores (and thrift stores) run periodic specials. Our favourite local store just ran a half-off sale. The local thrift stores often have specials on certain items.

* Have fun! Buying used clothing can save you money. It's also a fun way to kill a Saturday afternoon. At $3 an item, you can afford to be adventurous sometimes.

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