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The Diary of Reverend David Cargill - Part 17

Sikeli Qounadovu
Sunday, March 04, 2018

REVEREND David Cargill and Reverend William Cross continued their missionary work on Lakeba, Lau hoping to inspire more Fijians and Tongans who occupy the island to turn from their wicked ways.

God surely works in mysterious ways.

This is the account of the late Reverend Cargill from the book "The Diaries and Correspondence of David Cargill, 1832-1843," edited by Albert J Schütz and published by the Australian National University in 1977.

Sunday, May 8, 1836

Preached this morning on the character of righteous Noah. May the spirit of God convince all who heard of their danger as sinners and of the possibility of salvation from sin and its punishment through Jesus Christ! In the afternoon, I visited several sick persons, and conversed with several heathens on the subject of Christianity. One old Tonguese chief acknowledged the truth of my remarks and the vanity of their idols, and most unblushingly assured me that the only motive which deterred him and his people from worshipping the true God was the fear of starving for want of bread in Feejee and that he and his people were now principally supported by stealing.

I reminded him of the goodness of God in providing for all his creatures, and especially for man. May the spirit of God apply the word of exhortation, and excite in him a hungering and thirsting after righteousness!

Wednesday, May 11, 1836

Preached this afternoon on Adam's primeval innocence, and enumerated a few of the deplorable ravages which sin has made on the souls and bodies of his posterity. Glory be to God for the few who believe our report and seem in earnest to be delivered from the bondages of sin. The Gospel leaven is gradually diffusing its hallowing influence. The horizon of our prospects is becoming brighter. The circle of usefulness in this corner of the vineyard is being enlarged. Almost every week, new converts to the word of truth rank themselves among the number of professing Christians. May the sun of righteousness soon pour a flood of light on the understandings of all the people of these isles of the sea.

Sunday, May 15, 1836

In the afternoon I explained the necessity and importance of cleaving to God in all circumstances and of intimate and constant intercourse with the Father of Light. Most of the congregation were very attentive and listened as if anxious to realise all the privileges of God's children.

Thursday, May 19, 1836

This afternoon under the shade of a tree I re-echoed the proclamation of John the Baptist. Field preaching in heathen as well as in Christian countries has its advantages. It sounds the gospel trumpet in the ears of those who are too wise, too much prejudiced or too busy to seek instruction in the house of God. On this occasion about 30 heathens placed themselves at some distance from the little flock which was seated before me on the grass. I addressed myself particularly to the heathens. Most of them listened attentively to what was said of their idols and of the true God. They remained until the service was concluded. May the word which they heard be as a nail fastened in a sure place by the master of assemblies!

Sunday, May 22, 1836

Another Sabbath is terminated. I have had much pleasure in the discharge of my ministerial duties today. The congregations were much larger than usual, both in the morning and in the afternoon. A gracious feeling pervaded the minds of many present. May the impression never be effaced! Towards the close of the service in the afternoon, a number of heathens surrounded the chapel, curious to see how we worship the Lord of hosts. I embraced the opportunity of inviting them to turn to God, pointing out some of the advantages of Christianity.

After going out of the chapel, I offered them some advice, and asked them why they did not unite with us in worshipping the Creator and Judge of all men. They candidly answered: "We do not know." When going from them, I overheard them saying: "All he says is true and we are foolish people, for when asked why we do not worship the true God, we can assign no reason."

May they see more and more of their own emptiness! May they feel more and more of the galling weight of those hellish fetters of unbelief which claim their souls! May they soon surrender themselves to the Conqueror Jesus!

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