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World's most dangerous roads

Harold Koi
Saturday, March 03, 2018

If you think Mata Ni Pusi hill along Fiji's Queens Highway is dangerous? Think again. Here's a look at some of the world's most dangerous roads ever. This is strictly for educational purpose and not a recommendation for you to go try it out. However every country that uses motor vehicles has dangerous roads — it's crazy, ignorant drivers that make road dangerous.

This week we look at dangerous roads according to geographic location that takes your usual Sunday cruising to another level — literately!

Guoliang Tunnel China

Guoliang Tunnel in Henan Province, China. The Guoliang Village is located on Taihang mountains. In 1972 a group of villagers led by Shen Mingxin made plans to carve a road into the side of the mountain. Thirteen strong village workers began the project, The team of village workers were not engineers but determined to carve a roadway inch by inch, using their hand-made tools and several died during this construction. The tunnel is 1.2 kilometres long, five metres tall and 4 metres wide. The tunnel is today an attraction for international tourists.


Atlantic Road, Norway

Website Now explains that it's not the road itself that will have you shaking in your boots but the harsh weather conditions you have to endure to reach your destination.

According to another website, this particular stretch of road links a group of islands and is famous for not only it's bridges but the lashings of wind and rain they are built to withstand. Serious planning of the road started in the 1970s, and construction started on 1 August 1983

During construction, the area was hit by 12 hurricanes. The road was opened on July 7, 1989, having cost 122 million Norwegian krone ($F31.6m) of which 25 per cent was financed with tolls and the rest from public grants.

Skippers Canyon Road, New Zealand

According website the Skippers Canyon Road is located in the south-west of New Zealand's South Island, better known as scenic roads and unbelievably scary as it's totally narrow and different to manouvre your car.

This gravel road, with a length of 16.5 miles, carved by hand by miners over 140 years ago is made from a very narrow cut in the middle of a sheer cliff face. The road was built during the gold rush, Constructed between 1883 and 1890, the Skippers Road was considered a major engineering feat in its day. Skippers Rd is mostly one-way, narrow and steep with sheer drops of several hundred metres.

Zojila Pass, Jammu and

Kashmir, India

The Zozila (also know as Zojila or Zoji La) is one of the important mountain passes in India. At an elevation of 11,575 ft (3,528 metres) above the sea level, the pass lies Amid Leh in the Western Himalayan Mountain Ranges and Srinagar. This strip of rock is not the place for a Sunday drive. It's 9km long, about 3,500m above sea level and provides an important link between Ladakh and Kashmir. It is still unclear of the date of construction, but the pass had been in existence since 1948 — Source Wikipedia

Highway 1 Afghanistan,

Highway 1 also known as "A01" or "Ring Road" is a road network that connects many of the major cities in Afghanistan but it is the Kabul-Jalalabad highway, running between the country's capital, Kabul and Jalalabad that is the most dangerous. What's dangerous about this stretch of road is that it enters deep into Taliban territory so threats of insurgency, ambushes, roadside bombs and small arms fire are all a possibility. Originally built and renovated by the Mauryan Empire, it was a part of the Grand Trunk Road project and well documented by Greek and Buddhist sources in the 4th century BCE — source Source Wikipedia

The Karnali Highway, Nepal

The Karnali Highway lies in the Karnali Region, north-west of Kathmandu. The highway is the link between the towns of Surkhet and Jumla, and goes on as a dirt road from Nagma to Talcha. The Karnali Region is the most remote and least developed zone in Nepal. The highway is already considered to be one of the most dangerous roads in the world by many. A surface so bad as the Karnali Highway is unthinkable. Think narrow stretches, rocks, landslides, potholes, flooded parts, huge drops, steep cliffs, a lot of dust and bumpiness. The built by hard labour and later upgrades in the later years, however, no specific date found.


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