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Safety tips for sharing the road on a busy street

Losalini Vuki
Saturday, March 03, 2018

DRIVERS may find it confusing or challenging to share the road, so here are some tips on how to effectively and safely share the highways with bicycle riders.

Website reports ways to safely share the road with cyclists.

* Use caution turning — Cyclists ride on the side of the road, so you may hit an unsuspecting rider with a quick turn.

Check your mirrors and be aware of blind spots before turning. While at a stop sign or red light, make a complete stop in order to let bikers pass, and check for unseen riders.

n. Pass slowly and with caution — Allow ample room for your car to safely pass and travel ahead of cyclists. Furthermore, take caution to pass at slower speeds. In the case that you do accidentally hit or swipe a biker, the speed of impact can dramatically affect the amount of injury caused.

* Give them space — Some state laws require drivers to leave at least three feet of space between their car and any cyclists ahead. Leave enough room between your car and bicycle riders ahead of you.

* Don't assume — Not all riders are proficient: they may swerve, brake suddenly, or even fall. There can be a lot of obstacles on the side of the road such as debris or potholes that even experienced bicyclists may have a hard time avoiding. Don't assume they will always stay in a straight path along the side of the road  be aware of their movements.

* Watch out for children — Children riding bicycles are smaller and harder to spot on the road, especially for drivers of bigger cars. Be careful and considerate at crossways and intersections. Kids are less aware of their surroundings and when it is safe to cross. Allow them the right of way, and wait for them to safely cross.

* Don't "door" them — Some cyclist slang for you: being "doored" is when the occupant of a parked car swiftly opens their car door on an unsuspecting cyclist who is hit by it or runs into it. Check if the surrounding area is clear before opening your door.

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