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Interesting election scenarios

Fred Wesley
Saturday, March 03, 2018

THE ruling FijiFirst Party continues to attract attention on our political landscape following the latest Tebbutt-Times Poll.

However, the latest results have also revealed that if an election was held tomorrow, quite a large number of people would be undecided.

It seems the majority of the voting public have not made up their mind on who to vote for in the upcoming general election.

The February Tebbutt-Times Poll revealed a great deal of uncertainty in the public's voting intention.

A staggering 34 per cent are not sure who to vote for.

Respondents were asked: If there was an election held in Fiji tomorrow, who would you give your vote to?

Free to give their response, 34 per cent of the respondents said they were unsure and eight per cent declined to answer the question.

Thirty-two per cent said they would vote for FijiFirst, 22 per cent for SODELPA, three per cent for NFP and one per cent for Fiji Labour Party.

When you remove the undecided voters, FijiFirst still leads with 56 per cent of potential supporters, with SODELPA amassing 38 per cent, NFP five per cent and the FLP getting one per cent.

There were some other interesting figures as well.

For instance, in the Central Division, votes are split almost equally between Fiji First (46 per cent) and SODELPA (43 per cent), while in the Western Division FijiFirst polled 65 per cent compared with 31 per cent for SODELPA.

The NFP also had a greater proportion in the Central Division (10 per cent) than in the West (two per cent), and draws more support in urban locations (seven per cent) than rural (two per cent).

It is when you break it down further into age groups that you see younger voters in the 18-29 age group equally likely to vote for FijiFirst and SODELPA (46 per cent each, with six per cent naming NFP). Those 30 years and older were more likely to choose FijiFirst (62 per cent).

Fijians of Indian descent overwhelmingly support FijiFirst (92 per cent), while iTaukei favour SODELPA (56 per cent).

With the election looming, there can be no doubts about the fact that battle plans are expected to change and strategies shift to adapt to these latest results.

Parties surely will be embracing potential scenarios that may be positive for them, effectively targeting the huge undecided voter percentage.

What is important is that there is a base for all parties to work from.

The scenarios certainly make for some rather interesting times ahead of us.

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